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Collection accounts

Collection agencies usually buy your unpaid debt for pennies on the Dollar. Then they report it to your credit report for the original balance owed to the original creditor. Some of them tend to charge you interest and every Month, they update your credit report with a higher amount. This is illegal, yet they do it because most of the consumers don't know it's illegal. Collection agencies are also controlled by the Statute Of Limitations law, which allows them a certain amount of Years to sue you for an unpaid debt; However, they know that the majority of consumers don't know this and they report it anyway years after their rights to collect expired. Having this knowledge is precisely why we are able to delete most if not all of the accounts in collections reported on your credit. 

Judgments and Liens

Judgments or liens are reported on your credit report under the Public Records section. Judgments are lawsuits against you in a court of law for which you never appeared to defend yourself in court when you were served by mail or in person or you appeared and lost your case. Judgments can affect your credit for up to 10 Years. However, the bad thing about judgments is that if you ignore them, the plaintiffs attorney has up to 24 Years to garnish your wages through your employer without prior notice or to freeze your existing or future checking or savings account without warning. Though we can delete judgments from your credit report, the debt is still there and they can still come after you later on. When we see a judgment on a clients report, we give them very easy instructions to take care of the judgments without having to pay for them, legally. So far 100% of our clients have won their cases in court after contacting us for instructions on how to do it. The same applies for tax liens.


Repossessions on your credit report will impact your credit for years. They stay reported for seven years from the date your property was repossessed. Usually when the lenders see the 7 Years are approaching, they sell the account to a collection agency for pennies on the Dollar, who in return, also report it on your credit report, and here we go again. One account becomes two. We can delete repossessions from your credit report once they are sold to a collection agency. Again, using the Statutes of limitations law in your favor. 

Bankruptcies appear on your credit report under the "Public records" section of your report. 

They stay reported for ten years from the court filing date.

It takes two years after you file for Bankruptcy for lenders to consider giving you credit. Many lenders approve you right away because they know you are free of debt and deserve a second chance, others won't give you much since they're afraid you won't pay them back. 

The bad thing about Bankruptcy is that though it appears reported on your credit under the public records section of your report, each individual account which was included in the Bankruptcy is reported individually as well under the "Negative accounts" Section of your report. In other words, if you included 15 debts into the Bankruptcy, the credit bureau reports 15 negative accounts on your credit report plus the Bankruptcy. This makes your credit report look horrible to lenders, because they are able to see each company that you owed money to that you included in your Bankruptcy file.

This is when we come in and we make sure we get the credit reporting agencies to delete all those negative accounts that were already included in Bankruptcy from being reported individually. By eliminating that huge list of accounts from your credit report, not only does you credit report look cleaner but also your credit score increases dramatically and future lenders will not see all those negative accounts on your report. When we are done deleting all those accounts we aim to  deleting the Bankruptcy as well, yet we leave that one for last, many times you get lucky and they delete the Bankruptcy with no questions asked. Now we know, many of you think this is impossible, however most of you don't know that the credit bureau is one department and the court is another and the fact that we can get it deleted from your credit report does not mean we deleted it from the court system. Now my question to you is this: When you apply for a loan, what is it that lenders look at?, your credit report, right?. Enough said. Draw your own conclusions of our knowledge. 

Foreclosure accounts stay on your credit report for up to seven Years from the date the courts report them.

What most people are not aware of, is that when the credit bureau reports a foreclosure to your credit report, they report it with a balance of hundreds of thousands of Dollars or Millions, depending on your loan agreement, whatever amount was owed when your property went into foreclosure, that's the amount they report as "Balance owed". 

Let me explain something that perhaps you're unaware of. When you go into foreclosure, it simply means, you didn't pay, therefore they take the title and the keys to your property, they want two options, pay them your mortgage or pay with your keys. Now, if the Bank foreclosed your property, it means they got paid, you don't owe them a dime, therefore your credit report should reflect a zero balance. 

This is when we come in, this is where we have enough knowledge, by eliminating the balance reported on your foreclosure from your credit report, your credit score increases by up to 60 points in one Month. Though many times you get very lucky and we delete the reported foreclosure from your credit report without waiting for seven Years. Note: though we may be able to delete it completely from your credit report, does not mean we delete it from the court system, however, what is it that lenders look at when you apply for a loan?. Your credit report, correct?. Enough said.

Medical collection bills can become a big problem to our credit report. Though many people have healthcare insurance or medicaid, they tend to ignore the medical bills they receive by mail.

 The most common reason for ignoring those bills is because they assume that since they provided their insurance information when they went to see their Doctor, those bills they receive by mail must have been sent by mistake. Well guess what?, if you receive any medical collection letters is for two reasons, the billing department was too lazy to file a copy of your insurance card and later on it's easier for them to just place your account in collections and send you a letter or they billed your insurance company, but the more the merrier, and since some people just pay bills when they get them, it wouldn't hurt them if they billed you twice and you pay them twice. That's a huge scheme not monitored by any government agencies to protect the consumers. Since nobody is questioning their billing methods, they earn billions of Dollars extra for already paid medical bills. I personally know of a medical office that sends invoices to Medicaid for treatment they never provided to my 90 Year old  other, all because at one point my mother went to that Doctors office, saw a few Doctors, then she left to her Country, till this day we receive Medicaid statements of Bills they paid her Doctors for services provided while she was out of the Country, how is this even possible?, easy, misleading greedy Doctors of which this Country is full of, yet since no government agencies investigate them, they'll ruin your credit. I have my own personal experience with medical collections. 5 Years ago I went to my nearest urgent care facility with very strong abdominal pain, I didn't have Healthcare insurance back then, I asked the front desk how much did I have to pay to be seen via the emergency department, she said if I paid $400.00 right there I was covered. I paid the $400.00 and 30 days later I received an invoice for $2894.00, I immediately called and after waiting for 45 minutes on hold, then got transferred to seven different agents, finally one agent told me to ignore that invoice, it was a mistake. Really?, what if I had the money and just paid it without questioning it?..so they try. What if I didn't call them, and didn't pay them?. This is when they report it to your credit report and you will find out years later when you apply for credit and by then you will not remember which Doctor you saw last. Fortunately, we can delete all those medical collection accounts from your credit report.